How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

There are so many beautiful colours available for bridesmaid dresses and wedding accessories. How will you ever choose? Take a look at the hottest hues in several colour families to help you narrow it all down:

Moody Blues
From electric and elegant to romantic and dreamy, this must-have hue is one of the most versatile you could choose. For a classic look, try deep blues like Marine, Peacock and Horizon — or go for softer shades of Bluebird, Malibu and Capri. And because blues are a classic choice, your friends will easily be able to wear their dresses again for a special occasion in the future.

Blush Tones
Play up your girly side! Ranging from soft and subtle, to bold and bright, pinks and reds are feminine and universally flattering. Choose bridesmaid dresses in Apple, Rosewood, Begonia, Watermelon, Poppy and Petal for a rosy look everybody will love. Your bridesmaids will look fantastic (and they’ll have you to thank).

Citrus Hues
Good morning, sunshine! Bright yellows and oranges make everyone happy. Bridesmaid dresses in Sunbeam, Canary, Guava, Tangerine and Coral Reef are infectiously cheery. Your entire wedding party will find it impossible not to smile on your big day (okay, so that was going to be true anyway).

Purple Passion
Are you a bit of a drama queen (and proud of it!)? Purple is the original royal colour. Declare your regal lineage by adorning your bridal party in Wisteria, Regency, Plum, or Lapis. These colours are so decadent, you may need an extra limo to carry their fabulousness.

Ocean Views
Hello, serenity. Dresses in greens and blues will create a calming effect on you and your bridesmaids! Clover, Kelly, Pool, Gem, and Peacock are soothing, ethereal colours inspired by nature. Whether you weave flowers through your hair or go for a crystal tiara, your guests will remember your wedding for that special tranquility.

Neutral Territory
Metallics have brought new sparkle to neutrals. For a (not too) understated look, try dresses in chic Champagne, Pewter or Mercury. Or go Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic with dresses in Black. Your wedding will be the height of elegance.

Are there too many beautiful colours to choose just one? Mix and match tints and shades from different families to create your unique wedding statement. Still need wedding colour inspiration? Check out here!46431f_5dd1bf2a72635d5c5663054b8b0813eb 198978.purple-and-grey-wedding-colours 784799x 2087004487e7bc7d1760o 4053818239_10fe4498f6_z draft_lens8646931module75306081photo_1261497164pink-brown-wedding-inspir ibb-1299555127$!600x me-ti-xromata-mporo-na-syndiaso-to-mov-03-580x580 pinkchampagneand Violet purple-and-grey-wedding-colours purpleweddings red-and-silver-wedding2 Wedding-Color-Execution wpid-BFmpVgMGTWE yellow gold

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