What do you Do to Sabotage Anti-Ageing?

The majority of us belong in the group where we are constantly plagued by skin problems. But what do we do that will sabotage the ageing effect on our skin?

Today Her101 would like to share some guidelines before everything is too late:

1. Lack of commitment

Don’t give up on a cream that hasn’t delivered after a week; most take months to work.

2. Overdoing it

Follow he recommended usage. If it says “one pump”, don’t force-feed your skin with twice the amount – Overdoing on products with rich textures can lead to a mini breakout.

3. Buying the Wrong Package

The most volatile products, like antioxidants and retinoids, should come packaged in an aluminium tube with a small opening.

All those could pour your anti-ageing efforts down the drain. That’s a lot of money wasted and worse, the youthful face as well.

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