2013 Fashion Fall: 4 Must-Try Print and Colour Trends

When it comes to keeping up with ‘latest trends‘, one of the easiest and most effective ways to amp up your wardrobe is by investing in a trendy print or colour. However to some of us, trend is nothing. We don’t care. Then again some of us care it but can’t make sense of them.


Below, we’ve rounded up four of our favourite prints and colour trends for fall 2013. Scroll down to check them out:

1. Moss Green
Although emerald is still on-trend for fall, there’s a new shade of green quickly rising through the ranks: moss green. It’s a mix between an earthy olive and cool gray, which makes for a unique autumnal hue.

This colour works like a neutral, which means it can be paired with lots of different shades. Try it with black for an edgy look or pair moss green with jewel tones for a fashion-forward vibe. Either way, you’re bound to look super-chic!


2. Plaid
Plaid will forever be a fall favourite, but expect this print to be even more popular this season. Both grunge and menswear-inspired looks were big on me and I always wear it to attract people eyes.

Whether your prefer preppy or edgy looks, this is the kind of print that can work for just about any style aesthetic, so be sure to pick up a new plaid piece or two for fall.

plaid-fall-2013-runways plaid-fall-2013-trend

3. Unconventional Leopard Print
As someone who likes to wear leopard year-round, I’m happy to report that leopard print will be uber popular for fall. But not just any kind of leopard – this season is all about the unconventional prints. Think oversized spots and bright colours – the wilder, the better in this case!

If you’re wary about rocking this bold print, go small with accessories, but if you’re a leopard lover, feel free to go all out. Below are some of our unconventional leopard print pieces for autumn.

leopard-fall-2013-runways unconventional-leopard-print-fall-2013-trend

4. Winter White
There’s something oh-so-stylish about wearing white during the colder months of the year and – lucky for us – designers thought the same thing this season. Winter white is a major fall trend and we love how easy it is to wear.

If you’re up for it, rock a head-to-toe white outfit or go low-key chic with an accessory or jacket. And, don’t forget, combining black and white is still “in” for fall!

white-fall-2013-runways winter-white-fall-2013-color-trend
Which one is your favourite? What do you think of these trendy prints and colours? Will you be a rock-star with any of these looks this coming season?


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