Accessorize Red Dress

Wearing a red dress can create a look that seems classic and seductive. A red dress can be a bold fashion statement, but if worn well, When you choose accessories to wear with your dress, stick with simple, unobtrusive pieces that add a little interest and contrast without drawing too much attention. Keep your dress the focal point of your outfit.
Below are some tips to be refer…

1. Think Monochromatic
a. Try a burgundy red heel or flat. This shade is deep enough to mimic the classic look of black, but offers a subtle hint of color to your feet.
b. Consider rings, earrings, and bracelets over necklaces. Post earrings, bracelets, and rings do not overlap with your dress and can be admired on their own. Necklaces and long dangle earrings may brush your dress, and the red stones may blend in with the red fabric.
c. Carry a small purse. Even though you can have an ensemble with multiple red pieces, you should still keep things toned down. A large red bag may wash you out with too much red. Instead, go for a small red clutch, especially one in a shade that varies from your dress.

2. Twist with other colours
a. Look for patterns that include red in them. This works especially well if the shade of red matches the shade of your dress. Wear a scarf with red and violet stripes, or a sash with an abstract print in red and orange.
b. Opt for deep shades over bright shades. Deep shades add colour without looking too flashy. Bright colours may compete with a bright red dress, resulting in a tacky look.

3. Stay with classic black & white
a. Break things up with black. Black is a strong neutral that can hold its ground against a red dress without stealing the show. Tie a black belt around your waist to break up the monotony of a solid red smock dress and finish the look with black fashion boots.
b. Wear a black or white cardigan. A black cardigan in a luxurious material coordinates nicely with an evening dress, but a white cardigan works best for day dresses.
c. Try a black and white pattern. Patterns create added visual interest, but a simple black and white pattern keeps it subtle. Try a black and white polka dot handbag for timeless appeal, or get a little edgy with a large zebra print shoulder bag.

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