Finding the Perfect fit in 4 steps

Nowadays Women are wearing pants more than ever, so why is it so impossible to find the perfect pair to fit? We struggle to find the right colour, cut, length- and whose hips are really proportionate to their waist anyway? Typically, pant shopping comes with a checklist. We want a pair that promises to flatter our unique silhouettes, that we can get the maximum mileage out of and that combines high-end style with serious comfort. Is that really too much to ask? LOFT gladly accepted the challenge, which they’re dubbing “The Pant Problem.” The task was broken down into three main questions: “why do women battle with how pants fit?”, “why do they struggle with pant shopping?” and “what are women really looking for?”
10,000 Women sat for 4-hour surveys. What they heard was a lot of “[I don’t want to] be self-conscious about any aspect of my pants” and “If I’m going to spend $100 on pants, I better LOVE them.” Sound familiar? Almost 50% of women said they found shopping for pants frustrating (no, you’re not alone on this). LOFT took their newfound data and with it designed three new pairs of pants- Marisa, Julie and Zoe, which guarantee to flatter every curve, angle, bump, we could go on. And because us ladies love our options, they’re offering the new models in 45 different fits, lengths, fabrics, styles, prints and colours that promise to have you racking up style points.

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