How to Dress Fashionably

Sometimes it seems like beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder, doesn’t it? Fashion can seem very elusive and only for the privileged. But it’s easier to keep eyes on you and to start taking strides in the right direction than you think, towards confidence and a fashionable wardrobe.

3 steps to show how to dress fashionable.
a. Lay the groundwork
Organize your closet. Get out all your clothes & decide which one you want and don’t want. Sell, donate or re-purpose anything that you haven’t worn in a year, doesn’t fit or isn’t your style anymore.

Know your body type. Dress it. The most fashionable items in the world right now won’t look good on you if you don’t have the right body type for it. It does not mean you’re too fat, too thin, too tall, or too short. You just don’t have the optimal shape for that cut.
Take a look in the mirror. Look on yourself in the mirror. Pick things about your physical appearance that you like and dislike. What do you want to disguise? What do you want to emphasize? What’s your colouring?


b. Know your own fashion
Know your style. Spend time flipping through catalogues or surfing websites that feature and sell clothes. There are tons of different pieces that will look phenomenal on you–it’s just a matter of finding them. Choose wat do you like? Do you want to incorporate trendy items into your wardrobe, or do you prefer a classic look? Do you have hipster tendencies?

Consider context. Fashion varie area to area. What’s popular on a runway in Kuala Lumpur not mean yu may made it to the stress in Bintang Walk.Whatever fashion you’re aiming for, tap into its sources. Finding what you love and what looks good on you is imperative, regardless of where it’s from or who originated it.


c. Make it happen
Start shopping. The best thing to do is to buy long-lasting pieces that will retain their class throughout the seasons. Fashion changes extremely quickly! Don’t fill your wardrobe with things that won’t be appropriate the same time next year; you’ll just regret buying it. Every women needs half a dozen items that are staples in her wardrobe. Find yours.

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Ask someone else to go shopping with you. Take everyone’s perspective with a grain of salt. Her style is her style, not yours. But if she absolutely adores something on you and you don’t see it, take a moment to look. Wait a minute to see if you can find what she sees. Your mind may open up to a brand new style.


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