Pretty DIY Flower Garland For Wedding Decor

Spring weddings, to my mind, always associate with flowers. That’s why I think this flower garland is worth making and using as a pretty wedding backdrop or hanging across a door jam.

pretty-diy-flower-garland-for-your-spring-wedding-decor-1-500x625You’ll need assorted flowers, twine 1mm wide, 1 long stick, tapestry needles and hot glue gun. First cut your twine into 2 to 5 foot sections. Then trim your flowers into small sprigs or single blossoms with an inch or two of stem. Then make about 6 garland using the knot or the stacking technique, each of which you can read on Tie them to the twig or branch 6 inches apart. Finally, knot a length of twine at both ends of the twig or branch, making sure there’s not too much slack. Hang somewhere and enjoy!

pretty-diy-flower-garland-for-your-spring-wedding-decor-2-500x625 pretty-diy-flower-garland-for-your-spring-wedding-decor-4-500x400 pretty-diy-flower-garland-for-your-spring-wedding-decor-3-500x625


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