Ways to Tie Silk Scarf

Outdoor activity besides wearing sexy & seductive dress, sometime accessory with a colourful silk scarf and instantly change the look of even the simplest black dress from drab to chic! Don’t know how to tie it? Take take easy, tie a silk scarf is a simple and easy only. Tie a simple knot very loosely in the silk scarf to get the look you want.

Style 1
1. Drape the scarf around your neck, keeping the loose knot open with one hand at one of the ends.


2. Take the other hand and, while holding the other end of the silk scarf, push it through that open loose knot.


3. Gently pull the silk scarf completely through.


4. Hold the scarf ends together so that the ends are fairly even.


5. Add some finishing touches by arranging it as you please.

Style 2
1. Fold a square scarf in half (Like a triangle).


2. Roll it from the wide end to the top point of the triangle.


3. Tie it in a neat knot around your neck.


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