7 Steps to Take Care of your Hair

Is washing alone good enough to take care of your hair? Are you protecting your hair from being damaged by daily suntanning? Here are some useful tips for you to take good care of your hair. Our hair needs to be taken care of just like the rest of our bodies.

First step to Good Hair

The right and natural way. Wash your hair every alternate day. Your scalp will become too dry if you wash it every day, but if you wait longer than two days, the oils and start will start to build up. Apply conditioner along the washing to hydrate your hair in hot and humid country like Malaysia and Singapore.

Tips: avoid washing your hair in extremely hot water, the excessive heat can cause direct damage to your hair.

Second step to Good Hair

Never, ever rub your hair with towel, this can weaken the follicle and make the hair brittle and dull. The cuticle of the hair will not lie flat and start entangled, so it will not be smooth or shiny. Remember, only pat-dry hair with towel, squeezing hair between the towel.

Third step to Good Hair

Brush hair regularly to loosen dead skin cells. This also stimulates the scalp and helps to promote healthy hair growth. Brush your hair with a natural-bristle brush every day, and massage your scalp in circular motion. This stimulates hair growth.

Fourth step to Good Hair

Refrain your hair from the sun. Use a hat or products that shield your hair from direct UV rays damaging.

Fifth step to Good Hair

Visit your salon every few weeks for a treatment. Your stylist is the best person to detect any hair care problems you might have and offer the appropriate solutions.

Sixth step to Good Hair

Diet is essential step too, in protecting your good hair. Eat right. Avoid diet high in saturated fats and processed foods. Take in greens, nuts, berries, fresh fish and hydrate yourselves with sufficient water.

Seventh step to Good Hair

Use right product. Choose a gentle shampoo from VeeMall and remember to condition the tips. Keep your styling products to a minimum as well.

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