How to Get Big, Bouncy Curls

Annoyed about your never-turned-curly hair?

Too long, too straight, too thick? What else can I do without trimming them?

Hair stay-plastered to your head and come off as dull or unattractive at all. What should you do just learn how to make your hair rise up in beautiful, outgoing curls and become the real hairstyle you Like!

Before starting to know how to get big, bouncy curls, things you’ll need are hairspray, curling iron, ponytail holder and hairpins.

1. Heat up the curling iron.


2. Gather your hair into a top-of-the-head ponytail.

– Secure this with suitable elastic. This will be more challenging with shorter hair, but gather whatever hair you can.


3. Divide the ponytail into sections. The purpose of this is to keep hair out of the way so that only small sections are curled at a time, to create the most effective curls. Take a one inch (2.5 cm) section of hair.

– Pin the rest of the hair to one side, out of the way.

– Curl the small section you have separated from the other hair.


4. Continue curling in the same manner. Make new sections of the same width until you have curled all of the hair in the ponytail.


5. Remove the ponytail. Do this with care, so as not to crush the curls you’ve just made.

– Let the curled hair fall loose.


6. Add volume to your curls. Bend forward at your waist and let your curled hair dangle forward over your head.

– Spitz the underside of your curls using hairspray. But always keep your eyes closed when spraying hairspray.


7. Stand up. Flip your head back, and you’re good to go. Your hair will have added volume and the curls will be beautiful, big, and bouncy.


8. Congratulation. You successful made it.


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