Health Benefits of Kombucha

Popular among celebrities and often seen at yoga studios, this all-natural beverage is made by fermenting sweetened black tea with yeast and bacteria. It boasts several benefits, including improved digestion, says Joy McCarthy, a Toronto-based holistic nutritionist and BH contributor.


Not long ago, kombucha was found mainly in health food stores; today, it is available in major grocery store chains across the country. There is even a Canadian-made brand called Tonica Kombucha. Toronto-based founder Zoey Shamai began brewing it in 2008, and this spring is adding two new flavours–which, she told us at press time, are confidential–to the five the company already makes (Vibrant Blueberry, Ginger Rapture, Mango Passion, Peach Resolution and Green Tea Revival).

With very few ingredients (filtered water, kombucha, organic black or green tea and organic cane sugar, plus additional tea for flavouring), each bottle of Tonica has only 45 calories. McCarthy suggests sipping kombucha before or after a meal to stimulate good digestion.

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