8 Surprising Habits That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Have you wondered why even after brushing thrice a day and following optimal dental care your teeth seem to be wearing off? You probably know about common habits like smoking and coffee consumption ruins teeth but did you know that brushing too hard can ruin your teeth too?


Dental health is very fickle, you may be surprised at the number of things that can ruin your teeth. Read on to know more about these teeth wreckers.

Vigourous brushing
In an attempt to clean your teeth thoroughly, one tends to brush vigourously. But this habit can actually end up damaging your enamel as well as cause sensitivity. Avoid such harsh brushing and make sure you opt for a soft bristle brush to clean your teeth well.

Using your teeth to open stuff
Opening plastic packet or soda bottles with your teeth can also harm your teeth. It may cause it to crack or chip in the process. Remember to use your teeth only when eating and not use them as a tool.

Chewing on ice
Many people chew on ice to keep them away from eating constantly. Ice seems like the perfect hydrating yet sugar free option but this habit can end up harming your teeth. It not only puts your teeth at the risk of chipping or cracking, it also irritates the tissue below the teeth thus causing toothaches. If you have an urge to chew, try chewing gum instead.

Lip and tongue piercings
Lip and tongue piercings can affect your dental health too. These metal piercings rub against your gum and slowly cause abrasion and damage over time. You can also accidentally bite down on these piercings thus cracking or chipping your teeth too.

Grinding teeth
Some people have a habit of grinding their teeth involuntarily, especially when they’re stressed. Grinding causes you to rub your teeth against each other thus causing some kind of damage.

Gnawing on your pens and pencils
Gnawing on pens and pencils anyway appears as an unpleasant habit but this can do your more harm than you think. Chewing on pencils and pens can cause your teeth to chip or crack.

Sucking on cough drops
Sucking on cough drops all day may seem unharmful but while these sugar coated lozenges soothe your through they also react with the sticky plaque on your teeth which then converts the sugar too acid that ruins your tooth enamel. If you use a cough drop be sure to brush well soon after.

Eating enamel damaging foods
You may not think twice when picking on a soda or a citric juice but in reality these foods affect the top layer of your tooth’s enamel. Once damaged this layer cannot be grown back. Without this protective layer, the nerves below are directly exposed to hot and cold food thus causing sensitivity.


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