Beauty Secrets From Your Kitchen

Vee’re often in search of those elusive beauty products that promise to enhance our looks and vee’re even ready to spend a few extra bucks on those products. But beauty may not always have to come at a price. Some of the best kept beauty secrets can be found in our kitchens.


Lemon juice: Since lemon is an acidic fruit, it works well to fight acne and to dry out oily skin. You could rub lemon juice on your acne to get rid of it and you could also use it to banish blackheads by leaving it on your nose overnight.

lemon juice
Eggs: You can apply an egg directly to your face to get rid of wrinkles and tighten your skin.

Honey: Honey is a natural antiseptic and humectant, which retains moisture in the skin. Apply plain honey on your face and rinse it off in 15 minutes, to get a clear, glowing complexion.

fresh honey with honeycomb, spices and fruits
Gram flour: Gram flour is a traditional beauty ingredient that can be used to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It can also be used in face packs to get rid of tan and to lighten the skin.

Brown Sugar: Many professional spas use this as an effective scrub ingredient. The granules when rubbed against the skin, leaves it feeling smooth and soft. You can mix brown sugar with essential oils to give yourself a spa like experience at home.

Coconut oil: You can use coconut oil as an eye make-up remover. It is a natural ingredient and will not cause any kind of eye irritation even if you wear contact lenses. Simply heat the oil in the palm of your hand and apply it on your eyelid. Then take a cotton bud and gently rub off the make-up.

coconut oil


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