Cause of Burping

Burping is considered normal after a meal in Malaysia. It is a sign of enjoying and relishing a meal. But excessive burping or belching is a sign of stomach disorders. If you have a loud-thunderous burp or a soft-feeble belching which is in excess you have problem. Below are the causes for burping or belching.

What is belching:

The expulsion of air or gas from the stomach through the mouth is called belching. When there is a build-up of air is causes bloating and expands the organs. It not only makes you look few pounds heavier but also causes a lot of discomfort.
Causes of belching:

There are three main reasons for burping and one of them is eating or drinking too fast. That’s when you swallow in air that causes discomfort and results in burping.

Stress, tension, anxiety or any triggers that cause your blood pressure to rise also causes gas that leads to burping. You may have notices when you are in a tense situation like meetings, you stomach goes for a toss. Some experience belching, while others may experience nausea.

Aerated drinks or carbonated drinks are gassy, or even beer as a matter of fact makes us burp. Aerated drinks causes a build-up of gas which makes you feel like a balloon.
Tight outfits like tight pants, skirts or shorts constricts and traps the air in the body. Add to this, stress or carbonated drinks and eating habits increases the gas in the digestive tract causing discomfort.

Medical conditions related to the digestive tract also causes excessive burping. It may include Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), gastroparesis, gastritis, peptic ulcers and lactose intolerance.

Stomach infections from bacteria like Helicobacter pylori causes digestive disorders and diseases. This leads to excessive burping that should be treated immediately.

Burping may be caused by chewing gum, smoking, ill-fitting dentures or talking while eating. Some of that air finds its way into the lower digestive tract where it contributes to gas.

Eating certain foods like peas and beans produce more gas than eating other foods. High-fibre foods though healthy are difficult to digest. The small intestine can’t break down certain compounds, which means extra work for the gas-producing intestinal bacteria and accompanying flatus.



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