Foods to avoid when during Pregnancy

Hi Mummy, do you aware on what foods to avoid during pregnancy? If you think you still can tuck into tuna salad sandwich you’re craving? What about the wine, beer and cheese party? Look like you are very confused on wondering if there’s anything you shouldn’t and must not eat while you expecting?


Let me tell you: “You’re not alone. VeeMall team are always help and counselled women to avoid specific foods because of the risk to the fetus.”

Here’s what foods you should avoid over the next 9 months.

While the main concern about drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the development of birth defects and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), the thinking has somewhat changed on alcohol and pregnancy over the years. A 2013 study from researchers at University of Bristol’s School of Social and Community Medicine concluded that moderate amounts of alcohol in pregnancy didn’t harm the development of children. “They wanted to look at women who abstained or had a low intake – which was between one to two drinks per week – and technically speaking they found there wasn’t as perceived a risk as previously thought in terms of growth and cognitive development,” says Saxena.

Caffeinated drinks
Research continues in the area of caffeine and pregnancy. However, if you’re going to drink coffee, a primary source of caffeine, Vee suggests being picky about what kind. “Look for freshly ground coffee from a premium chain or brand or good-quality beans, because coffee is a high source of antioxidants,” Vee says. Generally, it’s recommended that 300 mg of caffeine a day be the maximum a pregnant woman consumes – and that includes caffeine from sources such as pop, chocolate, teas, coffees and more.

Cold cuts and hot dogs
Usually, the primary concern with processed meat is nitrates, a preservative that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, adds colour, and is unfortunately also linked to colon cancer. For pregnant women, an even bigger concern with processed meat is a bacteria called listeria.

Raw eggs, fish and meat
Say goodbye to sashimi and steak tartare. “We don’t recommend these because they can have coliform bacteria, toxoplasmosis or salmonella,” says VeeMall Editor. While raw fish and meat are more easily avoidable, sometimes it’s hard to detect where raw eggs may be found—think Caesar salad dressings and homemade mayonnaises.

Soft or mold-ripened cheeses and raw milk and cheese
You don’t have to give up all cheese while pregnant, but some have to go. Think brie, chevre and blue – along with the other tempting array of cheeses in the gourmet deli case. You’ll also need to ditch other unpasteurized products such as raw milk and apple cider.


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