Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Colour is not the only difference between white rice and brown rice. Brown rice is rich in antioxidants and also protects one against cancer. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of brown rice.

Simply put, brown rice is unpolished or coarse rice, which means that just the outer most cover or the hull is removed. This means that brown rice continues to be packed with nutrients and fibre, long after white rice has lost most of its nutrition due to the polishing process.

Brown rice is high in fibre, which makes the grain slowly digestible, hence it has a lower glycemic index and aids smooth digestion.

Brown rice is far better for weight loss than white rice, since it’s consumption leads to a healthier body weight. Therefore, if you are on a weight loss plan, it is best to switch to brown rice.

Brown rice has a low glycemic index and therefore helps control blood sugar levels. It also helps prevent other diseases related to diabetes like high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. People with type-2 diabetes stand to gain a lot by switching from white rice to brown rice.

Brown rice is laced with selenium which lowers the risk of cancer, arthritis and heart diseases.

Brown rice is equipped to provide 80% of your manganese requirements and synthesizes fats in the body. This in turn benefits the reproductive system and nervous system of our body.

It might take more time to cook brown rice, but it is loaded with antioxidants, it is higher than berries and other fruits and vegetables.

Brown rice is the best baby food option thanks to its fibre and nutritive ingredients that aid in rapid baby growth cycles. It is better than white rice cereals.


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