How to Boost UP Breats?

Admiring sexy S-figure body that would fit most of the gorgeous dress? Not satisfied with your breast cup size? Wondering how to shape up flat breast to become the bouncing ones that capture most of the eyeballs?

You can do it too!

Here are few good tips Her101 would like to share with you:


✔ This magical drinks, Pinky Up stimulates hormone in your body to work best for your boobs. FUSION Matrix™ technology will assist in holding boobs up and up for at least 18 hours!


✔ Wear-free, massage-free absorbing mask, Pinky Bust is a convenient product that is able to increase bust size within 7 days and tightening in 30 days.


✔ Starting from arm-pit, press towards center of the chest. Press level should be moderate until you feel squeezed. Repeat for 10 times. Hit the right spot to stimulate absorption – to improve the product performance. Pad boods slightly upwards, for 10 times. Press the boobs root for 3 minutes to unleash the boobs agent in your body.

Apply Cream

✔ Do the massage before applying the cream to improve performance. You will feel  slightly pain in first 2 days because of inflammation of the boobs – it’s normal as your boobs is now really working for you. You can see bounciness of your boobs in 30 days. An increase of 6-8 cm in a month is possible!


Eat (Sweets)

✔ Eat to boost up! This the best way to do it! This magical sweets works for for you while you are chewing it.
Main ingredients: cranberry flavor Pueraria + auxiliary Mae fructose (Thailand wild Gegen)
Ingredients: sugar, malt, gelatin, collagen, vegetable oil, fruit juice concentrate, natural color (carmine pigment, marigold pigment) spices, citric acid, vitamin C, beeswax, green papaya extract powder, Pueraria extract powder, soybean extract powder (soy isoflavones), soy peptides, yam extract powder, queen embryo powder
Weight: 25g
Shelf life: 15 months
Storage: placed in the shade, avoid direct sunlight
Upgrade enhanced version, 3 double the amount of added Pueraria, green papaya

Wear (Support)

✔ Bust size can be improved with corrected posture. Beauty Back from Japan supports your back as underwear (Say goodbye to hump!)
Just like the way wearing bra, Beauty Back from Japan is a mini supporting inner wear. Close-to-skin-colour – Mocha color, so you do not need to worry about exposing it.
When the spine is able to stretch the upper chest will naturally prop up. Develop proper posture habits, along with a healthy and charismatic bust figure.
Ergonomic inverted triangle shape matched with the body structure, plus a strong cross-shaped strap, Beauty Back from Japan is allowing spine to stretch. With shoulder strap adjustment mechanism, it is able to adjust the length of the armpit to remove discomfort.
Now you are a big step ahead to beautiful breast!


✔ 10 minutes simple massage a day rolling back and forth, you can create a form of enviable beauty Breast!
24 piece Feather-shaped Breast massage roller,” feather-shaped convex particle design, with 24 components massage roller, rolling the site can close obedient massage.
How to use:
1 scrolling from the chest to the upper edge of the clavicle direction
2 rolling up from the lower edge of the chest
3 before / after bath
4 10 minutes daily

Now you are spoilt for choices, what’s next is to order one magical product from VeeMall.

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