Oral Sex Tips for Women

Oral sex is both a science and an art form, one that can easily be mastered, if you look at it from the perspective of the one receiving it and amend your technique accordingly.


A man’s tool isn’t something to be taken lightly. While giving him great oral sex isn’t rocket science, here are 5 quick tips you can use to make sure, your technique is the best he’s ever experienced.

Tease him, he’ll love it: Remember, don’t be all business like and go straight for the ‘kill’. Tease him a little, make him really, really want to feel your lips down there. And even when you get there, delay it a bit. Kiss it, blow lightly on the head and don’t be afraid to give it a lick or two as well. Remember prolong his anticipation as much as possible.


Don’t forget to use your hands: Giving your man head, isn’t just about slobbering all over his penis. Remember to use your hands in combination with your mouth and tongue, use slow, long strokes and make sure you can see his eyes close and react to your touch. Remember to adjust the pressure and your grip according to the non verbal cues you receive.

eye contact

Always maintain eye contact: Look your man in the eye and look at him such that the intensity of your desire is conveyed, while you’re giving him the best oral sex he’s received. For a man, there’s nothing sexier than a woman, who is supremely confident in her sexual repertoire.

his moan

Respond to his moans: If he’s moaning an awful lot, there is a high probability you’re doing something right. Reward his moans with a greater intensity of sucking, licking and pumping.

Deep throating:Take your man’s member, deep into your mouth and create a vacuum with your cheeks and throat. This is a technique that will bring him to the brink of orgasm in no time. One word of caution though, remember to breathe in and out through your nose while you do this.



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