South Korean Trend in Fashion, and Everything

South Korean fashion is leading the Asian women fashion industry in recent years coupled with intrusive K-Pop and ubiquitous Korean drama. J-Pop was once the prevailing trend ten years ago and now, South Korean is the one taking over J-Pop to become the leading icon in entertainment segment in South East Asia region.

South Korean designed items is visible everywhere nowadays. Right from women fashion, men fashion , kids fashion, home-decor, electronics, home appliances, to even automobile. Indeed, it’s an incredible achievement for such a nation which has developed merely fifty years ago since the separation from its own brotherhood country, North Korea.

South Korean success does not come for free. This takes their people an extraordinary effort to make such a huge success. Her101 editors have had experienced their true hospitality to foreign tourists on their highly-skilled craftsmanship in either food culture, cosmetics marketing, retailing services, or even  plastic surgery in recent trip to South Korea.



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