What To Eat To Treat A Cold

Recently, flu and cold are around you and me. But how to prevent it? Some people knew it but still remain a lot of people in Malaysia don’t aware on this. Today, let we share with you all what are the best foods to fight, treat an beat the a cold and flu.

Citrus and Berries
Vitamin C won’t prevent colds, but studies show that eating foods rich in it may get you back to normal more quickly. It also has a slight antihistaminic effect, which may reduce nasal symptoms.

Chicken Soup
Grandma’s favourite remedy contains cysteine, a compound that helps thin mucus and relieve congestion. A serving may also reduce inflammation in the lungs.

Cool, creamy yogourt and other dairy products are rich in zinc, which supports the immune system.

Garlic, turmeric, hot peppers, and other strong flavourings can help break up nasal and sinus congestion

Red Meat and Oysters
Choose these for your protein; they’re good sources of zinc.



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