Why Eat Organic Foods?

Organic food is not a new kind of food. It’s the food that our ancestors ate until the world has changed to what it is today, so-called the modern world. Today, foods are modified to get rid of their unwanted parts (eg. seeds), to grow them bigger to make profit, to make them more juicy, to make them don’t look like what they originally look like.

So do you still think that the foods you stuff in your mouth today, a natural item? Think again.

These days in our fast-food life styles, we tend to overlook one vital aspect – nutrition. We forget that the key to our well-being is simply – to eat right.

Spare a brief moment to read the ingredient list on the packaging of food you buy and you will see that we are consuming lots of food additives such as preservatives, flavour enhancers and artificial colouring. Unless certified organic, most foods contain residues of artificial fertilisers, waxes, hormones, antibiotics, hundreds of legally permitted but still toxic insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides. All these place heavy chemical burden on our bodies especially on the liver, immune system, brain and nervous system.

People are seeing early sign of ageing as early as in their 20s’. This is no longer a ground-breaking news as we are eating chemical into our body every hour. Your body will show the symptom when its health level deteriorates.

Health benefits aside, by eating organic, you will discover food in its purest, untainted state. So to stay healthy, eat organic, starts from today.

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