Why Go Korea during Winter?

“Why do people go South Korea during freezing winter?”

During winter time, South Korea become a mystery and fascinating place to visit and is vastly underrated. As we all know lately, Gangnam style has become the hottest topic around the world. Besides, a series of live-show, Running Man has also won the heart around the globe.

In winter time, in order to fight the cold-induced lethargy, all you have to do is, put on a coat and go to outside. It not only helps you save on heating and cable bills, but more importantly, these exclusive winter activities will make you feel worthwhile being outside.

1. We can wear Winter Clothing

Wearing t-shirt is a dream for cold country residents, but it’s also a dream for ladies in warm country like you to put on thick clothing without sweating! Together with many accessories which could brighten up your attire, winter is the best season to put on something you usually store  under the bed closet.

but Korean Girls wear lesser in Winter…

They wear lesser in winter along the street. As if they are from equatorial country:

Why can they wear such exposing?” Beat me.

2. I want to Ski, Ski, and Ski !
For a country that is of 70% mountain, skiing is the way to take advantage on it. Most of youngsters will group together for skiing during winter season. Not only them but all ages are exited about skiing, too because It’s sooooo FUN!

3. Outdoor Ice-Skating
Ice skating is not necessarily a winter sport, but outdoor ice-skating is.
And that makes all the difference: an unscratched but sterile indoor rink for athletes versus a picturesque winter tableau with fairy lights for first dates.
Blades down, we vote for magical winter tableau.

Here are Seoul’s best (and only) outdoor ice skate rinks:
Seoul Plaza Ice Skate Rink (서울 광장 스케이트장)
Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Rink
World Cup Park Ice Skating Rink
Sheraton Walker Hill

4. Heat up in Spas
There’s nothing quite like stripping down to your bikini or swim trunks like it’s midsummer and soaking in a heated pool in the dead of winter. Spavis, a waterpark in Asan, combines the invigorating, mineral-rich water of a natural hot spring with novelty pools, water slides and saunas.

5. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing festival in Hwacheon city, Gangwon-do province. For $98, which inlcudes meals, transport, and accommodation for one night. Here you can dig yourself a little hole in the ice and dangle a fishing rod into it in hope to catch some fish, or if you really feel confident, you can even try bare-handed fishing! The fish that you catch can either be eaten raw straight away, or cooked up BBQ-style later.

6. Winter foods

Street food may be available all year, but there are some snacks that emerge only during the colder months.

Case in point: sweet potatoes and chestnuts.

Winter in Seoul would not be the same without the scent of roasting sweet potatoes dominating street corners and subway exits, or the glow of nugget-shaped chestnuts baking on beds of coal.

These sweet and nutty snacks are not only inexpensive, they’re incredibly healthy, lacking the added salt, sugar, and oil of other street foods, such as hotteok and tteokbokki.

You can usually find street food sellers all around subway stops in Seoul, but for these rarer treats try some of Seoul’s older districts — Jongno, Jonggak and Insadong.


“Tempting isn’t it?”

“Go grab your luggage now!”

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