Why Malaysia Men Slow Down When They’re In Love

Have you ever noticed how you and your boyfriend or husband, walk when you’re together? Do you walk at the same speed, or are you always trying to play catch up? Do you find that you alter your pace when you’re with a friend of the same gender or different gender? Are you paying attention to your walking speeds at all?


While you may not notice your walking behaviour while out with the girls, if you’re constantly scurrying behind your love, you probably have noticed that for sure. And now, thanks to a new study, you can point out to your fast walking partner that his walking may have a direct correlation of his affection for you.

According to the study, men slow down when they’re in love. Even if they’re not holding hands, they take their usual speed down the necessary notches so it matches their romantic partners — “a phenomenon not seen when guys walk with female friends.”

Slowing down and walking together may be the best way to hold a conversation but, like most things, it goes hand in hand with evolution, claiming that men are inherently trained to care for their partners, and that in slowing down for their special lady, energy is conserved “so that the woman can save her effort for reproduction.” It’s all about making the babies, you guys.

But there are other reasons, too, according to dating coach and VeeMall expert: “It’s all about the man protecting his love from the harsh moments that may come up. He goes into this-is-my-babe mode and wants the world to know that so he walks with her as proud as he can be. It’s also a pride thing he wants other males to know that this amazing woman is his and she is off limits to anyone else. Primal how we are really wired.”


Although the study didn’t look into how these findings may vary between new love and love that has years and years under its belt, another YourTango expert, Marla Martenson, author of Hearts on the Line, has this anecdote to share: “My husband always walks ahead of me, sometimes by half a block. I feel like a Japanese woman. We have been together for 11 years and he won’t change. I either have to run to keep up, but I usually just walk behind him.”

Martenson is not alone. She’s heard from other women that their husbands do the same, and maybe it’s because that in the early stages of love the man is trying to impress his ladylove, but over time, he goes back to his usual walking speed.

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Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that men alter their speed when it comes to the women they love. It may not always be that way, after decades together where comfort levels have outweighed the need to impress, but in the early stages, it definitely proves that no matter how long their legs, dudes are willing to slow up to be by your side.


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