10 Ways Women Like their Men to Attract Them

Men and women are meant to be together through communication. But many silly men in this world have thought that they possess incredible ability to attract women without effort, and that really sucks. In fact, many men are never taught how to talk to women. Here are 10 tips to help the man next to you to attract you:

No room for Boredom please

1. Humorous – Not a clown of course. Women will never get bored with a humorous guy who keeps their relationship fresh and excited.

2. Sensational – Be like a child. Men like a child tend to act more emotionally towards their own feeling. Topics like childhood memories, future ambition or passions could open up a woman’s heart easily in a conversation.

3. Detailed – Observant will win her heart. Pay attention to even a slight hints from her in defending something will make her feel respected and comfortable.

4. Lead – Even the strongest woman wishes someone to guide her out from the dark, in anyway. So guys, chin up and lead her to a brighter path. Tips: Never wait for her to dictate. A reason why a feminine lady simply turns into caliber woman – just because she waited too long for a man to response.

5. Familyoriented – Nothing wrong being a family guy who focus on family and even better, her maternal family. Bet the woman will give up everything to a man who not only takes care of her but her family members as well.

Never hang up your cell phone call. Ever!

6. Be sincere in Opinions – Women love to hear opinions about themselves, but not exaggeratedly flattering nor pouring cold water on her. Be sincere to her and she will stick with him forever.

7. Turn her On – Get intimate with her. Women are turned on by men who are not afraid to take control of a conversation to a personal, intimate level.

Turn her On

8. Give Updated Feeds – Women are tired being at daily work and it’s even more taxing when loaded with family matters, fill her life with interesting news or information that she’d never dreamt of acquiring or – simply lazy to acquire.

9. Converse – Talk to each other even about tiny little stuff happens daily in more interesting way. This is to let her know who exactly he works with, how he handles daily operation, does he miss her at day time … etc. Big quarrel normally starts with minor topics, and ended with misunderstanding. Converse more with your partner could minimize the situation.

10. Don’t give in his Stand… so fast – Women like challenge, like men, but they are more emotional. So be calm and steady when argue with her, keep her interest with impression she is winning you over. Don’t make her think you are too easy to conquer, she will lose interest on him.

Remember, these golden rules could probably transform the man sleeping next to you to a better man in attracting your attention. Hope that the 10 tips above could ease the tension between you two in attempt to add in some catalyst into your long-haul relationship. Her101 editors wish you All the best & Happy Chinese New Year!

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