10 Ways Women Like their Men to Attract Them – Part 2.1

We have that discussed on how a man should attract a woman by being humurous, sensational, detailed, lead, family-oriented, be sincere in opinions, turn her on, give updated feeds, converse and don’t give in his stand… so fast.

Given that many feedback had been received from women who would like to know more tricks men should apply on them, Her101 editors have further summarized 10 more criteria a great man should fulfill to make her happy forever.

Dress Smart

Women actually like their men to dress smart and being concerned of his own look, moderately. Simply because “You are what you wear”. A man who doesn’t care about his appearance will not care about his partner’s feeling, either. But limit to moderate extent where a man should not pay too much attention about how he looks as women may still prefer they rely to those who look more like a man than a boy.

Play Hard

A man should play hard like a child when he is doing things he is passionate about. This is usually the moment when he manages to capture attention from her. A man without passion is like food without taste – pathetic. So play as hard as he could to live up the inside him that truly attracts her!

Be Focus

The most beautiful woman on earth is the one who is very much in love and – stay focus. Same for to the men. You need not to have good-looking faces like LeeHom, Lee MinHo, Tony Leung, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise to – stay focus. That’s the point! Any man could do it! Even a plump guy like PSY deserves his own “concentrating moment”.

Accompany her doing things She Could have Never Dreamt Of

Go yoga or pilates class with her. Ladies in that yoga room will scream out enviously on her, making her feels like she is the only queen who deserves the limelight from everyone. Women is complicated, yet they still can’t figure out why does “face problems” mean so much to a simple guy?

Aren’t men more complicated in this case?

When she knows that he is doing things exclusively for her even out of his interest, she falls. It’s that simple.

Respect & Don’t Underestimate Women

Don’t think that these those yoga and pilates games are too easy for men. It’s always easier than said. Try it on his own for just one time and he will then start respect women. Women command equal rights and salary in once-man-conquered world. Women are claiming more and more power in corporate and family. Many ladies completed half-marathon and full-marathon in much shorter time that what an ordinary man can do.). Women are generally stronger than men as they are designed to endure new-life delivery.


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