10 Ways Women Like their Men to Attract Them – Part 2.2

The article is a sequel of previous post.

6. Honest & Reliable

It may easier than said. You may find it’s a bit challenging to keep promises nowadays due to the fast pace of life which pushes us moving forward. A man should know where and when to stop to be honest and keep promises in the relationship he is engaging – that’s the man we all want!

7. Be Filial Piety to Maternal Parents

We used to admire those guys who are filial piety to their parents. But by the time when you found out that he is being “overly” filial piety to his own parents, he becomes a “mummy boy” who listens most to his own mother, that’s when tragedy begins. So now women are looking at this criteria more than ever that the man is the one who can treat her parents with respects.

8. Calm & Steady

No panicking whenever there is a chaos. A man should react to uncertainties with a strong heart. Nothing is more intimidating than losing your loved ones, so stand out to protect them.

9. Able to Stand up after Falling

Nothing stops you but yourselves from being successful. Hence, the most valuable lesson a man must learn is how to pick himself up after falling down. Life is up and down, like a roller-coaster. Men must learn to get up instead of worrying women. An idol of in this criteria that all men should learn from is the story about him:

Ang Lee, the director of Life of Pi and Oscar-winning Brokeback Mountain, was once remained unemployed for six years. During this time, he was a full-time house-husband, while his wife Jane Lin, a molecular biologist, was the sole breadwinner for the family of four. This arrangement, usually an embarrassment in Chinese culture, put enormous pressure on the couple, but with Lin’s support and understanding, Lee did not abandon his career in films but continued to generate new ideas from movies and performances. He also wrote several screenplays during this time. Source 

10. Have True Best Friends

That proves he is at least reliable and trustworthy, depends very much on the characteristic of that true best friends, though, in order to identify who your man really is.

This is not easy to become a great man in order to meet all these 20 requirements. At least the man must be willing to learn from widely perceived mistake to improve his personality and his relationship.

So Ladies, please Like & Share on Facebook to let your man learn from these useful tricks to attract you more. Remember, it is strongly advised to not to instruct men but encourage in a way he needs to move his feet off the ground voluntarily. Her101 wish the best of luck and happiness to you forever.

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