3 Tips Getting Recharged after Holiday

Don’t feel like going to office tomorrow after a crazy-long holiday that lasted more a week? It’s normal. Please think of a solid excuse if you are considering skipping your work tomorrow. Try avoid some less-convincing ideas such as “I’m pregnant!” that can only be used once in a loooooong while…

Here are some good tips to recharge yourselves if you don’t wish to leave some bad records in annual appraisal report:

1. Focus on mixed activities other than clubbing and shopping – such as running or spa treatments to relax your body and soul.

2. Go to bed at usual timing to avoid “local jet-lag” effect on you.

3. Do not over-stretch your holiday until the last minute of the holiday such as today, January 1st will seriously drain your energy over the day to the work day. Distribute your crazy activities evenly throughout the holiday.

This time maybe it’s too late for you to discover these tips. Don’t worry, you can still practice it on this coming Chinese New Year holiday starting February 10th 2013.

Happy Coming Back at Work & Happy Chinese New Year!


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