3 Tricks To Blow Drying Your Hair In Half The Time

Forget laundry or doing the dishes, my least favorite chore is drying my hair. My arms get tired and no matter what kind of products I use, I just don’t have the patience (or skill) that results in a salon-like blowout. So if there’s anything I can do to cut my blow drying time in half, I am without a doubt on board. Here’s a few tricks to help you blow dry your hair in half the time.


1. Try Microfiber

Instead of drying your hair with the blow dryer right away, start by towel drying or letting your hair air dry for a bit. When you towel dry, be sure to gently pat the towel on your hair instead of rubbing it on your head, which will just cause frizz. You can also try using a microfiber hair towel which is super absorbant and will help soak up moisture faster than a regular towel. The microfiber will also help in preventing frizz and you can easily pick up one of these towels at your local beauty supply.

2. Use Less Product

Between heat protectant sprays, styling serum, shine cream and leave-in treatments, there are about a million hair products on the market recommended for your use. But weighing your hair down with all of these creams can actually slow down your drying time. Once you’ve finished towel drying your hair, apply some of your products of choice but remember to use sparingly. A little heat protectant spray or just a small dollop of your favorite cream is the way to go to get your hair to dry faster.

3. Get an Ionic Dryer

Once you’ve towel dried and added the small bit of product you want, section your hair into one-inch strands and dry each section piece by piece. You’ll want to start with the bottom section of your hair and dry from roots to ends. For your actual blow dryer, if you don’t already have one consider investing in an ionic blow dryer. An ionic blow dryer releases negative ions which helps break down water molecules in your hair faster, helping them evaporate more quickly. The heat from the dryer is then really able to penetrate the hair shaft which results in silkier, smoother strands and a much faster blow dry than that of a typical blow dryer


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