5 ways to be more honest

There are a lot of different people in Malaysia. Try to be honest to your friends, family, colleague and so on. If you find yourself bending the truth, here are 5 ways to become a little more honest.

1. Be gentle with yourself. Your tendency to lie was probably learned as a way to protect yourself; now you need to acknowledge that it’s not working for you anymore.

2. Remember the “What the hell?” effect. Small lies open the door to bigger lies. Being honest about little things helps you be honest about more important things.

3. Think about the issues you are most likely to lie about. Is it about spending money, making yourself look more important or being faithful in your relationship? Examine what you think might happen if you told the truth. Why are these issues problems for you?

4. Don’t settle for anything less than what you really want. Lying to keep the peace is often a way of avoiding tough conversations about your relationships and your life. Speaking the truth is the path to real intimacy.

5. Keep in mind that being more honest doesn’t give you licence to be unkind. There are times when a less-than-honest but more loving response is more appropriate.


Having trouble being as honest as you’d like to be? Try to think more and improve it.

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