7 Easy Curly Hair Resolutions for 2014

We all have them: New Year’s Resolutions. But by the third week of January, it’s so challenging to keep up with all those lofty goals!

In 2014, I’m focusing on beauty resolutions! Try these 7 Easy Curly Hair Resolutions instead! No new gym membership required.


Use a hair masque once a week – You can EASILY splurge an extra 15 – 20 minutes on a Sunday night for a hair masque. Hair masques add so much needed moisture for curly hair! Plus, your hair will be healthier in the winter months ahead.

Get a haircut – I know, I know. Curly hair takes forever to grow but getting a trim keeps your curly hair healthy and helps it grow faster in the long run.

Experiment with new styles – Curly hair is so easy to style with a few bobby pins or duck clips like DevaCurl DevaClips. Try some easy updos to show off your curly locks this year.

Straighten my hair more often – While I LOVE my curly hair, it’s fun to straighten it sometimes. Using some of my favourite products for straightening curly hair, I vow to rock this look more often this year.

Stop comparing– Sometimes it’s hard when everyone around you has silky straight hair…. Stop comparing your hair to everyone else: embrace yours.

Try new products – One of best things about curly hair is being able to try loads of new products. I’ll be trying lots of new hair styling products for even more curly hairstyles!

Have a go-to style routine – For days when you’re in a rush, narrow down a quick routine that works with your curly hair for less stress when getting ready.



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