A Pair of Good Shoes is hard to find

How far has the pair of shoes beneath your feet carried you so far? Does it serve its purpose well before it gets disposed?

Do you have a similar experience where you could hardly give up on a pair of shoes that you loved so much? Or when you were about to go outside and browsing a row of shoes for the pair of shoes that would fit into your feet best from shoe cabinet, and yet you would still go for the one pair of shoes which serves you best even though it starts getting aged?

Déjà vu?

A pair of good shoes is so hard to find, just like a good husband. But shoes do get changed on every season, unlike the thick skin of your husband’s face – it wears off easily. Shoe is the most intimate outfit after inner wear to a woman. It holds your feet in good shape while protects you from getting hurt when you are stepping on hard and rocky ground – It does better than what a husband can give., sometimes.

So the ability to pick a good pair of shoes is an art. Experiences told Her101 editors – buy two pairs or more without a second thought to avoid further unnecessary hatred, if you find the shoes you are testing is comfortable . Wait no more, let’s begin the down-to-earth-soul-searching journey now by start hunting a pair of good shoes from the wide range of shoes product listed on VeeMall today.

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