Awesome Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

“Ding Dong Bell…
Ding Dong Bell…
The Santa Claus is coming to my house.”

Big Day – Christmas is coming on this December. Vee believe that in this BIG day Malaysian will celebrate their wedding also. To avoid bore wedding themes and create a unique wedding themes, Vee suggest you to consider this Christmas wedding.

A Christmas wedding means that you have two celebrations in one, and I think that the best idea is to continue the Christmas décor in your wedding celebration. So, if you are looking for an original centerpiece, we advise to use candles, cranberries, pinecones and Christmas ornaments. Flowers in Christmas colours are also a cool idea – combine them with cinnamon sticks and jingle bells, and voila, you’ve got a great cenerpiece! A fantastical edible idea is to make a fir tree of strawberries – it bring the spirit and tastes so good! Look for more ideas below and get inspired for your Christmas wedding!


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