Beach Wedding Groom Attire Idea

Guys, do you plan a wedding near beach like at Redang, perhentian and etc.
Beach weddings are fantastic! Relaxed, calm and full of sunlight and sea breeze! What can a groom wear for a beach wedding to look stylish? There are so many cool ideas! Starting from some traditional suit in light shades and up to colourful attire with a bow – just look at your wedding theme and colours! You can take nautical theme and use dark blue with red and white; if the weather is hot, a jacket isn’t necessary, just a light shirt. Add sea-inspired accessories like starfish or shell boutonnieres, some nautical ribbons or bright tropical flowers, and your stylish look is ready! Have a look at some examples below and get inspired!

cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-2 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-3-500x750 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-6-500x751 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-7 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-10 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-11-500x751 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-13 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-14 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-16 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-17-500x750 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-27 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-39-500x751 cool-beach-wedding-groom-attire-44-500x746

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