Beauty Hand

There is no point having gorgeous nails, if your hands look neglected. Here are a few tricks to keep them looking their best, or getting those pretty hands that you once had… back.


Gourmet Hand Cream
That is an easy recipe to whip up. Enjoy!

Slug Slime and Other Hand Softeners
Your hands are probably on view a lot more often than you realize. Simply consider how often you are out amongst people. Unless your hand are in your pockets, people are looking at them. The following five tips will make your hands softer than you ever imagined.

Pamper Your Palms
For all of you who do a lot of typing, and who doesn’t these days, there is a way to sooth those tired fingers and palms in seconds flat. Here’s what you need to know.

Make Your Own Henna Tattoos
The art of making tattoo-like intricate designs on the palms with henna is a special adornment for Hindu weddings as it is said to bring good fortune. Besides beautifying the hands it also has a cooling effect upon the nerve endings.

Finger Massage
Not only does it feel good, your nails love it.


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