Blue Wedding Theme Bring Suprise

Pantone blue is an amazing colour for wedding decor – it’s beautiful and very dazzling. It’s a couple of steps up from navy, more matte and usable than cobalt blue, and sure to be all over the shops soon as it’s the trend colour of the spring 2014 season. You may choose this colour for bridesmaids’ dresses, table settings, for your purse or shoes, for your bouquet and even for the groom’s suit or accessories. Pantone blue is definitely spectacular and dramatic. Add some exquisite vintage details and mix it with white to make a strong contrast. Below you’ll find some beautiful ideas of pantone blue wedding décor and outfits, get inspired!

dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-1-500x332  dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-2-500x650 dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-23-500x500 dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-21-500x489 dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-18-500x750 dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-12-500x332 dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-8 dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-6 dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-5-500x751 dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-4-500x750 dazzling-blue-weeding-ideas-3-500x469

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