Body Language That Leads To Sex

In The Colour of Money, this is exactly what every man should aspire to be, and what every legitimate Player truly is; they are experts in the science of observation. If your goal involves a great deal of perspiration and echoing shrieks of passion on the part of the ravished female, you must keep a close eye on her body language.


When speaking with a woman who you have yet to be intimate with, she will often give you the “go” signal and, although often subtle, she expects you to acknowledge the signal. All women are drawn to men who are both sensitive and attentive, and such a man absolutely won’t miss the one gesture that says: “Take me now.” Of course, you will have to put in the work before you spot the unspoken proposition, but we’ve covered all the prerequisites before. This time, it’s all about watching, waiting and ultimately acting.

eye contact
She maintains eye contact
I’ve always preached the importance of eye contact in the past, especially when first approaching a target, but this is merely for the purposes of self-confidence. A woman will immediately find shifting eyes off-putting, but at the same time she usually averts her own gaze. Perhaps it’s biological or even chemical; when a male is expressing his interest and future intentions, the female will sometimes drop her eyes and blush. Obviously, not all women respond in this fashion, but you can bet your very last dollar that all women will fix you with a certain look when things are proceeding. The trained ladies’ man knows this look; it usually comes at you from under the eyelashes. There’s the quirk of a smile playing at the corners of her lips, and she appears seconds away from an outright wink. The gaze is steady, seductive and, above all else, clear. Go.

She draws attention to/with her hands
Now, here’s where you need to make the distinction. When nervous, women will often have nervous hands; they will unconsciously fix hair that doesn’t need fixing, or adjust a part of their outfit that doesn’t need adjusting. However, these are unconscious movements she actually wishes you wouldn’t spot, and I’m talking about the very conscious ministrations she fully expects you to catch. Veteran Players realize women have an eye on the man at all times, so when she knows you’re looking at her and that slender hand moves slowly up her thigh, the sign may as well be 50 feet high and flashing neon. Mind you, she will never be looking directly at you during these moments — it’s all part of the game. Maybe that hand is on her neck during a mock stretch where she arches her back; maybe her fingers lightly brush her lips. Whatever it is, you had best not miss it.

She inches closer
Some of the more liberal women will simply toss themselves into your lap, but they’re either drunk or the “liberal” label is simply a nice word for “slut.” Most ladies will keep themselves at a certain distance when a guy first approaches them, which is why you should watch that gap very closely. The key is to keep your distance. Maintain the aforementioned gap and resist the urge to move closer, and as your conversation progresses see if she begins to shift. Perhaps you’re sitting next to her in a booth (just beware the “Bottle Service Only” signs if you’re not prepared to shell out), and initially she’s a few feet to your left. However, she has laughed a few times, participated in the discussion, smiled with her eyes, and when she thinks you’re not looking, she’ll make the shift. It’ll be very subtle, a few inches at most. But it should continue if you stay the course. By the time your legs are touching, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s a win.
She touches
There’s any number of ways to interpret a social encounter, but the lightest of touches can be the most significant of signals. Most times, girls don’t like being touched; if you ask them what their No. 1 turnoff is — in regards to the night scene and clubs — it’s usually men who take the ill-advised initiative to touch them. They’ll put a friendly arm around a woman, put a hand on her shoulder while talking or lean in for a hug when it’s completely unwarranted. Girls aren’t often interested in this confident stance. Hence, it makes perfect sense to realize that when she puts a hand on your forearm or purposely brushes up against you, things are going quite well. Any experienced Player knows that when a woman laughs, places a gentle hand on his arm and looks him in the eye, he has clearance for go-ahead maneuvers.



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