Brand Sun Glasses This Year

Sunglasses have always been on top of my shopping list during summer! It is such an important item where you use it almost every day in your life. You use them while driving, heading to the beach, or sun bathing. Besides serving its purpose by protecting your eyes, it could be a fashion accessory on you isn’t it? I mean summer would be incomplete without sunglasses!

Round Sunglasses

Rewind back to the 80’s! The time when your parents think they look so cool in those round shape sunglasses. This design is very suitable for women with oblong faces or square faces.
Of course, you can have more than a pair of sunglasses. But you have to make sure they compliments your skin and hair tone as well as your face shape.




I bet each and every one of you owns an aviator already. The most popular brand for aviators is Ray-ban. This timeless legend is very durable and looks great on almost everyone. It has a collection of different sizes and shapes that anyone could find a suitable one so easily. So this sunglass stays as a trend this season!










Decorated Frame
This design is so intense that it caught most of the audience’s attention during the Fashion Week. Well, if you have those plain sunglasses with thick frames, you could actually decorate them yourself instead of throwing it away and buying a new pair. Make sure you tape the lenses before painting to protect them.


Odd Shaped Sunglasses
I bet Lady Gaga would love this design!! For those who think loud, dare to break the rules, clash and contrast hues against outfits, then you’re well on this sunglass. Tie your hair up in a ponytail, put on this sunglass and you’re ready to go.



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