Career Women Need Love, Too: Finding The Balance For Work & Play

You’re so busy that an 8 hour workday feels like a vacation because nonstop 10+ hour days are your norm. You have no social life. Your weekends are taken up with chores and vegging out, so that you can get up on Monday and do it all again. You’re a road warrior traveling so much that you barely recognize your own bed.


If any of these describe you, then you probably don’t have much time or energy left for hunting down a man to have a relationship with. Although having someone to laugh with, share your life with and cuddle up with at night, is just what the doctor ordered — literally — because last time you saw him, he told you that you were burnt out, that he was seriously worried about your health and that you’d better get some balance in your life.

Let’s face it, career women want and need love too!

I started on a journey to warm up my life, my heart, my soul from the deep, deep freeze it had been in. I brought balance and a much needed love into my life and you can too! Here are three ways to start:

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1. Get Off of the Treadmill. Do you believe that if you slow down or stop the pace that you’re on that you’re going to lose out? In a time of layoffs and reorganizations, it’s easy to think your place can be taken away from you. This drives most people to just keep running on that treadmill; the work piles on and you keep going faster and faster to keep up.

What is driving you? No one takes the time to answer that question. Sure, there’s the need for money; when you have a mortgage, school loans, car payments and a family to take care of, you have to make money to survive. Then there’s the competition. I understand that too, but if you think you have to keep up or quit, that’s not true. There is a middle ground and finding it starts by answering the question: “What’s driving you?” By deciding to not run on the fear of what could happen, you’re going to make the life that you want.

2. Decide to Do it Differently. Whether you realize it or not, your whole life is the sum of all of the choices you’ve made and you ARE the queen of your life. If you decide to put 100% of your attention and effort into your career, then you’ll eventually be rewarded for your efforts.

Just like an Olympic athlete, when you put focused energy and action into something you get results. To get results in other areas of your life — your relationships, your health, your finances, your spiritual life — you have to put energy into them as well. The question is, when you reach the pinnacle of your success will it bring you joy or will you be saying “Is this it?”

3. Put Your Attention on What You Want. A client once told me, “You helped me realize I’m doing everything I don’t want to do, instead of what I do want to do.”

If you want a relationship in your life, you’ve got to start putting some attention in that area of your life. Yes, it may mean carving out some time from an already busy schedule, but it doesn’t mean adding another two hours onto an already busy day to go on a man hunt. There are plenty of easy, low maintenance practices you can use to start attracting the love you want into your life.

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If you want career success and a love in your life this year, then put your driven power of focus and attention on making it happen. Career women want and need love, so all have to do is figure out how to have it, too!


Thank you for reading!

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