Cool DIY Ring Box and Plate

During your wedding every detail is really important, each thing should remind of love and joy of the family life. A ring box is no exception, your ring bearer will come with it through the rows of guests, and they all will see that. That’s why make a very original piece yourself – everybody will appreciate! If you have a marine wedding, choose a seashell attaching the halves to one another. A wooden box with Mr. and Mrs. inscriptions will be right to the point at any wedding. If you don’t want a bowl – make a plate then! A clay plate decorated with lace and baked would look amazingly romantic! Look for more inspiring ideas below and choose yours!
Not enough? Get idea at here!


cool-diy-ring-boxes-and-plates cool-diy-ring-boxes-and-plates1 cool-diy-ring-boxes-and-plates2-500x334 cool-diy-ring-boxes-and-plates3 cool-diy-ring-boxes-and-plates5-500x333 cool-diy-ring-boxes-and-plates-500x333 Decorative Egg Ring Box wedding ring box rustic  - unique ring bearer pillow alternative - item 1363-f61332

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