Date-Night Outfits Guys Absolutely Hate

Tight Dress for Date Night?

‘No Way!’ Guys said.

Men are simple & mono creatures, but they often have more an opinion about your fashion choices than we would ever guess. What are they really thinking about our agonized-over date night outfits? Are they just trained to compliment even when they really want to cringe?

We get the truth behind his autopilot “You look great” response. We already know what looks they can’t get enough of — but which do they despise?

They hate the shapeless maxi, extra-large outerwear and baggy boyfriend jeans, but they’re also surprisingly not a fan of the high maintenance/trendy or too-tight/tacky looks. Not as simple-minded as they look, 7 guys tell you what date outfits they can’t stand.

1. High-waisted Pants
“I really don’t get that look. These are the worst. Even when she tries to make it sexy with a crop top, it flattens the booty. I don’t get the appeal.” – Josh, 22


2. Fur Vests
“Fur vests are awful. I’m not a vegetarian or anything, I just think they look ugly and pretentious. Girls also wear them with tight pants and a top and it’s an extra awkward furry layer.” – Michael, 33


3. Babydoll/ Maxidresses
“I really don’t like those loose, strapless maxi dresses. It looks like she’s pregnant, or it makes me think, what is she hiding? She doesn’t have to show it all off, but I like to have some sense of what kind of bod she’s got.” – Ben, 28


4. Miniskirts and Uggs
“This look feels like it came and went, but I still see girls wearing it all the time. I don’t care how comfortable they are, Uggs look brutal. If you’re going to wear them though, at least wear them with snow pants or something. Don’t try to make it look sexy with a miniskirt or whatever.” – Matty, 23


5. Menswear-Inspired Clothing
“I’m all about a girl wearing my shorts and button-up around the house, but I don’t like when she wears men’s looks made for women. They’re so boxy and unflattering. They hide all of her curves and are so stiff looking.” -Jamal, 36.


6. Too Tight/ Too Short
“Even if she’s a perfect 10, too tight and too short skirts and dresses look like she’s trying way too hard. Guys love the chase, so you can’t show off all the goodies without making us work at least a little.” – Sam, 29


7. Rompers & Jumpsuits
“Rompers/ jumpsuits/ one-piece anything. It reminds me of overalls. I know they’re trendy, but I just think they’re dumb. They make me think of diapers.” George, 25




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