DIY : Charming And Whimsy Floral Bridal Headpiece

In Malaysia, less people will wear so special headpiece when wedding. To be so unique bridal in your wedding day, there’s just something so whimsical about flower crowns. But I guess that most of you might reject them because you think that they won’t last long enough. The flowers that used here can hold up the entire day, so give it a try!headpiece Materials are flowers, floral wire, wire cutters, needle nose pliers and wire twig. With a floral wire make a loop that is tiny bigger than the girth of your head. Then use wildflowers to start filling in the base by taking a 1.5 inch piece of floral wire and wrapping part of it around the middle of the stem and the remaining strands of wire around the base loop. Attach larger blooms by stringing floral wire through the back of the bloom’s base and twisting each side of the wire onto the base. Keep filling up the headpiece and don’t forget to push any ends of the wire that poking out. Enjoy!

charming-and-whimsy-diy-floral-bridal-headpiece-2-500x333 charming-and-whimsy-diy-floral-bridal-headpiece-3-500x750 charming-and-whimsy-diy-floral-bridal-headpiece-4-500x750 charming-and-whimsy-diy-floral-bridal-headpiece-5-500x750 charming-and-whimsy-diy-floral-bridal-headpiece-6-500x750 charming-and-whimsy-diy-floral-bridal-headpiece-7-500x750


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