DIY Chinese New Year Decorations from Ang Pow

Too much ang pow (red packet/red envelope) – but no good way to dispose them? Here is some meaningful and environmental-friendly way putting ang pow into a good use:

DIY Chinese New Year Decorations from Ang Pow

We found few good websites sharing some great tips in coaching you how you on how to  decorate your house by making use of redundant ang pow envelope during this Chinese New Year:

DIY Chinese Lantern 

A giant Chinese lantern might not be able to light up your living room but is a great decoration to light up Chinese New Year’s mood. Refer to steps below on how to make a Chinese Lantern from ang pow:

DIY Decorative Flower Ball

Do not underestimate the workmanship of this artwork. It may look simple on YouTube but it’s actually super-challenging! So reward yourselves with outstanding festive mood once you have get it done, beautifully.

DIY Paper Fan Ornament

The least in difficulty level in the making, the Paper Fan Ornament DIY is filled with fun and satisfaction as the outcome of the artwork is rewarding.

Let’s decorate your house with these great ideas in Snake’s year and the best thing is, you’ve done a great part in environmental conservation!

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