DIY Vintage Wedding Ring Cushion

We’ve already told you of some ring bowl and plates to carry your beautiful rings on your big day but if you prefer refined vintage style, make a cool wedding ring cushion. All you need are
1. Pretty fabric
2. Lace trim
3. Thread
4. Twine
5. Pins
6. Scissors, needle, tailor’s chalk, sewing machine and some sewing skills.

First, cut two pieces of fabric: one 7.5” x 7.5” for the back and the other 7.5” x 17” for the top piece.
Second, make slight marks with the chalk on the front piece, pin folds, repeat until there is a 2” unfolded piece of fabric at either side.
Third, sew using a straight stitch, close to the edge of each fold.

The rest of the tutorial is here, read it to the end and make your pretty vintage-styled cushion!

diy-vintage-wedding-ring-cushion-1-500x332 diy-vintage-wedding-ring-cushion-2-500x500 diy-vintage-wedding-ring-cushion-3-500x161 diy-vintage-wedding-ring-cushion-4-500x350 diy-vintage-wedding-ring-cushion-5-500x497 diy-vintage-wedding-ring-cushion-6-500x163 diy-vintage-wedding-ring-cushion-7-500x332

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