Easy Hairstyles for Your Dirty Hair

Girls, don’t tell me that you wash and clean your hair everyday. Even you said 100% for sure you clean your hairstyle and wash your dirty hair everyday. I just will say please admit it. Normally, people don’t always have the time to wash their hair.

But to keep your locks looking chic and stylish, get in on this dirty little secrets for the prefect hairstyles for dirty hair.


1. Keep It Sexy
After not washing your hair for a day or two, it’s at its prime for holding hairstyles. Go for a tousled wave to get your hair looking super-sexy.

  • Spray dry shampoo onto your roots and slightly tease.
  • Spritz a little sea-salt spray onto your hair.
  • Take a curling wand and loosely curl 2-inch sections of your hair.


2. Side Braid
Try a loose side braid for a quick, pretty look.

  • Gather all of your hair to one side and loosely braid your hair.
  • Tip: Braid your hair with day-old curled hair for more texture.
  • Alternative look: Instead of a classic braid, take a little extra time and create an exotic fishtail braid.


3. Low messy bun
If your hair is already dirty, why not make it look like it was on purpose?

  • Gather hair to lower back of head. Shake out loose strands and shorter layers for a carefree look.
  • Put hair into ponytail and wrap around the base of the ponytail in a spiral pattern for the bun.
  • Use bobby pins to secure hair.


4. Come out on top with a top bun
Create this classic, chic look in just a few minutes.

  • Slick hair back into a high ponytail and secure with elastic.
  • Use doughnut bun scrunchie and roll hair into a bun.
  • Secure loose pieces with bobby pins.


5. Quick Fixwhat-to-wear-dirty-hair
On those days where absolutely no hairstyle looks right, take the easy way out and throw on a trendy hat or a cute headband. Fast and nice look.

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