Flat-footers Saviour from Scholl

Our feet are suffering an enormous amount of stress every day, more than the pressures of modern living like the rest of our bodies do, we should really pay more attention to our feet and care for them properly.

On December 7th 2009, Scholl, launched its new Biomechanics Orthotics Insole which probably changes the way that you walk.

Flat-footers are generally having hard times searching for good shoes. It would be the best news if the latest design of Scholl Orthotics Insole is able to provide alternative solutions to those living with daily feet problems.

The Scholl Orthotics Insole is available in three forms: Full Length Heel and Knee Pain Reliever¾ Length Heel and Knee Pain RelieverThe Gel Heel Pain Reliever.
They are available at Scholl foot-care bays at selected pharmacies and retails at RM89 for ¾ or full length heel and knee pain reliever and RM69 for the gel heel pain reliever.

However, insole will not completely improve the arc development of flat-footers. To those who seriously and continuously suffer from lower back pain, or lower leg pain or heel pain or even toe pain due to flat-foot, please seek more advice from orthopedist immediately.

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