Gangnam Style – A Colourful Success

“Oppa Gangnam Style”

“Hey! Sexy lady…  “

“Whop! Whop! Whop!”

Fetching a whopping 530 million viewers since its launch in July 2012, and the number is still growing strong. But How is Gangnam Style making the Hottest fever, ever in YouTube history? Those are exactly three “syllables” (pronunciation of words) we could hear from sensational hit – Gungnam Style music video from YouTube. As a non-native-Korean speaker, that’s all we could imitate from the entire song.

Is it because of the funny “Horse-riding” dance? Or simply because of PSY’s sarcastic look in “Wear classy, Dance cheesy” approach?

They are all right about it.

Another ultra-important factor which making the music video such a huge success is – the colour scheme used in that viral music video – that’s Korean Style!
Korean Pop or KPop music video attacks viewers with their very own beautiful colours combination that never fail in catching our eyeballs. Notice the “classy wears” that PSY and his crews wear throughout the video, they are all striking yet subtle colours which is a pleasure to look at. This is how Korean fashion leading the industry in design, cutting and especially, its unique colour scheme.

Korean entertainments emphasize similar approach so much in their dramas, movies, fashion items such as handbags, clothing, and many more that we can easily recognize the same element everywhere in Korean-made products. That’s also why hundreds of Gangnam parody (imitation) videos will never supersede the original ones.

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