Getting a Good fitting bra

Most women — an alarming 85% — are wearing the wrong size bra, according to Susan Nethero, bra fit specialist and founder of Intimacy Boutiques.

If you purchase all your bras based on measurements alone and think you’re always buying the right size, I’m sure many are close. But,

I’ll bet you have at least a few bras in your lingerie drawer that could fit better. Maybe some are a little uncomfortable, or not as supportive as they could be.

Why Should You Care?
When your bra fits properly, you will instantly look better in all your clothes.

When a bra isn’t fit for your body type, you may suffer from backaches and premature sagging. You may even look like you’ve put on a few pounds.

Isn’t it as simple as knowing your size?
No! Size aint’ nuthin’ but a number.
Knowing your size is just a starting point to find a bra that fits well. Most of the women stick to always buy the same size but end up there are too many bras that aren’t right for them.

Actually, many of your bras should be different sizes, because the fit is so much more important than the number on the tag, and varies among different brands and styles.

The Real Secret To A Good Fit
Trying bras on! Pretty obvious, huh?

All kidding aside, the more you try, the faster way you’ll be able to recognize. When a bra fits well, it should look when it’s most flattering to your body shape.

Start with the size closest to your measurements, and then try on more.

Use these 6 ways to tell if your bra fits to compare and assess the fit of every bra you try on.

How to Assess the Fit
Look at the bra you’re trying on in front of a mirror, while standing and sitting.

It also helps if you try on a few different style tops with your new bra. If you ordered online and you’re trying on bras at hmne, this will be easy. If you are out shopping, wear a form-fitting T-shirt with a button-down blouse on top and try on the bra with each separately.

With a little practice, you’ll become your own bra fit expert You’ll have a lingerie drawer filled with more comfortable bras.

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