Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Clients with thin hair are constantly looking for hairstyles to make their hair look thicker. With a few standard hair rules and cutting techniques, your fine hair can be on it’s way to voluminous styles in no time. The right products and styling methods are also great tools to help your hair look fuller. Enjoy these sweet hairstyles that show every single strand ya got!

red-short-layered-cut red-short-layered-cut-view-2

Cute Copper Crop
This longer, shaggy pixie is super cute and great for thin hair. The awesome way this style was cut shows off wispy pieces and tons of movement. Sweet layers and gorgeous color really pops and makes this hairstyle full of drama and dimension.

How To Style:
Don’t think too hard when styling this cute whimsical style.

1. Just blow-dry with your fingers and then use a flat iron to detail the bangs.
2. Enjoy!

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:
Heart shaped faces will glow with this gorgeous haircut. Fine to thick haired clients can pull off this fashion forward look.

Short haircuts like this are perfect for showing off cute, dangly earrings!

brunette-short-bangs-shoulder-length brunette-short-bangs-shoulder-length-view-2
Shattered Shag
You don’t have to have a ton of thinning layers to pull off a shag. There are no layers but by simply shattering out the bottom edge gives the illusion of a textured shag. Add in some asymmetrical bangs with the same texture and you’ve got an amazing look for thin hair.

How To Style:
1. Blow-dry your hair with a paddle brush and pay special attention to the bangs. Just blow-dry them down towards your face so they’ll lay flat.
2. Go back in when your hair is completely dry and flat iron section by section to get a fabulously straight hairstyle.
3. Use some shine spray for added glam.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:
Oval shaped faces will work best for this sultry shag. Sleek straight hair with thin to medium thickness will rock this hairstyle.

Instead of using a razor to cut the hair, have your stylist use her shears to “point-cut” the ends of the hair strands. This will create that textured look without ripping and slicing the thin strands.

auburn-tapered-straight-hair-view-2 auburn-tapered-straight-hair
Ginger Spice
Spice up your hair color with this beautiful cinnamon hue. Gorgeous for any season! Keep your fine hair looking full by keeping the layers just around the face. The light razored edges help add texture and don’t take away from the thickness.

How To Style:
1. Use your blow dryer to remove all the moisture out of your hair. A paddle brush is great to use for a straight look like this one.
2. Grab your flat iron and straighten out your strands when your hair is totally dry.
3. Grab a few sections of hair on top of your head and tease the roots slightly to add a little volume.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:
Oval and round faces will look great with these soft, face-framing layers. The side bangs help balance out oval face shapes. Super straight fine hair is the best hair type for this style.

When you have super fine hair keep it healthy from roots to tips. Split ends can happen more often on thinner strands so really take the time to give it the TLC it needs.


Red Velvet
This crimson beauty rocks with a dramatic sweeping side part and soft tapered ends. A theme to these fine haired styles is to keep the layers only around the face. Having no layers throughout keeps the style full and thick looking.

How To Style:
1. Blow-dry your hair upside down and part it to the opposite side you normally do.
2. Go through your entire head and flat iron to get your hair super smooth.
3. When you are finished flat ironing, spray your roots with a hairspray or a texture spray, and then flip your part over to the opposite side for added volume.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:
All face shapes will look great with this longer thinning style. Oval faces will be over exaggerated to they should opt for a different look or simple add some bangs to add balance.

Switch up your part from one side to the other every week or so to add volume. Try it – it works!



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