Happy Chinese New Year Happy You

How to get the best out of yourselves in the most anticipating events in couple of weeks? The Chinese New Year clock is ticking fast and you have to showcase the best of you in front of friends and relatives. But How???

Here’s some tips to get yourselves prepared for the gathering occasions:

Sleep, Sleep and Sleep

This is the first and the last rule. Nothing beat this if you want to look healthy and energetic. Based on the statistic, 8 hours of sleep is the minimum a woman should maintain. Here we talk about quality sleep that is not disturbed during the most important hours – 1am to 5am. Being late to bed is worse than short sleep time but get to bed, early. Need to know if your body is energized from a good sleep? Ask yourselves to do an exercise and you will know the result.

Laugh, Laugh and Laugh

We all know that laughing reduces stress, but we rarely know the physics behind it. Laugh is a light exercise that could reduce body weight by promoting respiratory circulation. At the same time, it removes bad cells in your body. So lose yourselve more and – LAUGH after reading this post – HA! HA! HA! …  (Okay, now look at the frowned people around you and laugh with more control… )

Drink, Drink and Drink

Forget about the bad drinks like can drinks, alcoholic drinks, and energy-boost drinks… etc, just drink WATER. Water is the most essential element to our body. Make sure you drink at least (Yes, at least) 8 glasses of plain water to ensure your body is hydrated.

Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

Whip yourselves into shape by maintaining continuous exercise daily at minimal energy output. Do not over stretch your body by exercising once in a while. Keep it as a habit to move your body regularly and perspire can certainly help you look better and younger. Click here for tips to lose weight.

Maintain your body and soul at regular workout basis, eat right at the same time can help you prolong your youthfulness in coming Chinese New Year. Not only in that period only but throughout the entire life as well.

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