Have A Better Sex

Can you remember the last time you couldn’t wait to get home and shimmy between the sheets?

Was it last week, last month? Last…year? We get it: Sometimes it’s easier to give into your excuses—I’m too tired, let’s just do it this weekend, it doesn’t even feel that great to begin with. But we don’t need to tell you that sex is essential for a healthy marriage—and also a healthy you. Research shows that a happy sex life can stamp out stress, reduce heart disease risk, and even improve immunity. But enough of the non sexy talk. Try just one of these tricks today. You can thank us later.

1. Live Out Every Fantasy
At age 52, I’m in darn good shape…nearly as good as when I was a 25. I have a very high libido. And let me tell you….you know those bizarre, outrageous sexual fantasies that only “other people” live out? Do them!

Life is too short….stop worrying about “good girl” status. I found my sexual twin later in life and we have done more things than we ever dreamed of doing, or that we only dreamed of doing, when we were younger. We are both incredibly satisfied continually. We tell each other what was good and what wasn’t so good, and more importantly, what was amazing!

2. Switch it up
Treat sex like your workout: Change it up so you don’t get bored, always push harder and farther to keep from hitting a plateau, and listen to your body for hidden cues that will help enhance your performance.

3. Focus On Your Pleasure
Be selfish, they love it.

4. Don’t Fake It
No faking and always tell your partner what’s going on. Never make him or her guess because it can cause issues. Also have a quickie here and there and be spontaneous! It does wonders for the both of you!

5. Be Open-Minded
Don’t get so caught up thinking you’re just not in the mood. See where is goes, because with the right amount of foreplay, you may just be surprised at how badly you want it.

6. Just Breathe
If you ever have trouble reaching your orgasm, you may not be breathing deeply enough. Especially during missionary position, he might put too much weight on your chest, causing your breathing to become too shallow to allow enough oxygen to flow through those arteries and let you become fully aroused.

7. Forget Your Inhibitions
Don’t worry about what you look like! A man wants you to be into sex, not into what you look like having it. Note: the most awkward looking positions are some of the best feeling.

8. Communicate
As a man I hate having to second-guess. Tell me what you want me to do, or what you like. Guide me to where it feels better. Don’t be afraid to suggest new things. Be completely honest with me.

9. Do it in Public
My fiancé and I had sex on a hill out in the open late at night and it was some of the best sex we had because of the risk. Also get out of the bedroom! Sex on chairs, kitchen counters and pool tables is way more fun.

10. Lube.
Lubricant is the little thing that every woman should try to improve her sexual pleasure, and in some cases, even reduce sex-induced pain, says Amy Levine, sex coach, certified sexuality educator and founder of SexEdSolutions.com. “Using a lube is sure to enhance sexual enjoyment,” says Levine. “Some women feel there is a stigma attached to using over-the-counter lubricants, as they are self-conscious that it implies something is wrong with them.” Not true! “The truth is, our natural lubrication comes and goes during a sexual encounter; it’s not necessarily an indication of our arousal. Besides, using a lube can make penetration a lot more enjoyable for both partners,”

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